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Investment in Susumu Holdings Corporation


Final closing of IA Partners I Investment Limited Partnership


Underwriting of Bonds with Stock Acquisition Rights and Stock Acquisition Rights Issued by Sakai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and Conclusion of Business Alliance Agreement

Our Mission


We prioritize enhancing mid-long term value of all 5 different types of stakeholders in portfolio companies; i.e. employees customers, suppliers, communities and shareholders / investors, and support sustainable growth exceeding our investment period.



We have a proven track record in a wide range of industries as well as in various investment types, with a focus on spin-offs of subsidiary/business division.

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Investment Types

We can flexibly consider a variety of investment types, from acquisition of majority stake from existing shareholders to underwriting of public company’s minority stake, in response to needs of Japanese companies.

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Our Team

Our team members with diverse background and abundant investment experience sincerely support sustainable growth of portfolio companies.

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