Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Name
IA Partners Inc.
5F, Toranomon 40 MT Building 5-13-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001, Japan
Date of Establishment
March 30, 2021
President & CEO
Hiroshi Murakami
Director Yuriya Komatsu
Director Satoshi Tomii
Director Osamu Iida
Auditor Shigeharu Morikawa
1.Management of private-equity investment funds
2.Investment advisory and agency services*
Registration Number
Director General of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kinsho)No. 3284
(Investment Advisory and Agency Business)
Japan Investment Advisers Association

* Our investment advisory services are only available for Professional Investors as defined in Financial Instruments and Exchange Act in Japan

Our Logo


Customers, employees, suppliers, communities and shareholders / investors.

A five-color circle of our corporate logo represents our best hope for portfolio companies to achieve sustainable growth by enhancing mid-long term value of all 5 different types of stakeholders. A star-shaped hole stands for a “window” through which we see into their bright future.

We, IA Partners, will make contributions to whole society by helping portfolio companies to obtain foothold for sustainable growth.

CEO Message

“Connect Japanese corporations with global capital,  through an optimal way” 

 I built my career in years of services at both Japanese and US financial institutions.  Especially from Japanese banks, I learned principle of supporting growth of Japanese corporations, and from US banks and private equity fund, I learned wisdoms of global capital market. 

 Through those experiences, it has come to my mind that my mission really is to“connect Japanese corporations with global capital, through an optimal way”.  Obviously, Japan’s strength is not based upon its financial power, but on its industrial power.  If that is the case, then the role that Japanese finance industry is expected to play must be contributing to growth of Japanese industrial sector.  It has become my lifework to connect Japanese corporations with global capital through an optimal way, and by doing so to contribute to sustainable growth of our portfolio companies. 

 Another belief which I developed through my past experiences is that, particularly in the private equity business, each of our member’s mind-set towards “self-reflection, modesty, and gratitude”. is more important than technical skill sets.  No matter how much you leverage bunch of technical skills, unless you are accepted / welcomed by portfolio company people, you will never be able to support them in efforts to achieve sustainable growth.  I believe that, at first and foremost, we should always keep the words of “self-reflection, modesty, and gratitude” in mind, then we should be able to form, in a true sense, one-team with portfolio company people. 

 IA Partners was established in 2021 with members who share such my views above, having “Invest and Associate as a Partner – a trustworthy partner who aggregate wisdoms together with portfolio companies, accommodate variety of needs from stakeholders, and contribute to their sustainable growth” as its corporate purpose, and having  “Stakeholder Investment” as its corporate vision.  Under such purpose and vision, we consider connecting Japanese corporations with global capital through an optimal way, and contributing to their sustainable growth, as our mission. 

 It would be our greatest pleasure to support, in one way or the other, those Japanese corporations who are searching for the roads to sustainable growth.

 Thank you very much for reading through my message. 

President and CEOHarry Murakami

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