2023.10.6 Fri

Final closing of IA Partners I Investment Limited Partnership

IA Partners is pleased to announce the successful final-close of the IA Partners I Investment Limited Partnership (hereafter “the Fund”) on September 29, 2023.

Despite a difficult environment for fundraising, the fund attracted a wide range of institutional investors including sovereign wealth funds, banks, insurance companies, pension funds as well as non-financial companies.

The Fund focuses on curve-out deals among large and medium-sized Japanese companies and unlock the growth potential of their subsidiaries and divisions through strengthening their management infrastructure and encouraging business or industry restructuring. After starting operations in March 2022, the fund has successfully invested in two companies and one of them is a “spin-off” deal.

With our Purpose of “Invest and Associate as a Partner,” IAP is determined to not only create economic value, but also to create social value, by connecting investors and portfolio companies as well as by meeting the expectations of all stakeholders through its investment activities.

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